The Dining Room

Easily Jeffri’s favorite room in any house, and thankfully the dining room at The Parsonage is of ample size so that any elbow rubbing can be by choice.  Painted in soft shades of Wedgewood blue to highlight the shimmery opalescence of the Venetian chandelier, a trophy following 9 years of hunting.  The walls are hung with favorite European etchings and paintings, the memories of many journeys.  The bay with leaded windows, another treasure of the house, provides a peek down to the gardens as well as offers a gander down Broadway.  

Having met in culinary school nearly 40 years ago, and cheffing ever since, we can promise you a memorable and tasty breakfast to start your day.

The Parsonage B&B ~ 61 West Broadway ~ Jim Thorpe, PA  18229

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